Group Coaching

Welcome to group coaching for narcissistic abuse survivors.

Welcome to group coaching for narcissistic abuse recovery! This group is here to support and empower each of you on your journey to healing and growth. In this safe and compassionate space, you’ll find understanding, validation, and practical tools to reclaim your life after experiencing narcissistic abuse. Together, we’ll navigate the challenges and celebrate the victories as we move towards a brighter and healthier future. Let’s begin this transformative journey together!

Not only is this group designed to help you feel less alone and to facilitate your recovery, but it focuses on helping survivors of narcissistic abuse and traumatic relationships take their healing and personal evolution to a whole new level.

Even better? Small group coaching is available to anyone who speaks English and can access the internet.

All sessions are held online and you can speak to your coach face-to-face if you like. We do our best to ensure that we have times around the clock on varied days so that we can serve everyone.

All stages of healing are welcome! Start your journey today!

We cover topics such as trauma bonding, helping to identify and heal codependent traits, boundaries, self-esteem, moving forward with your life after toxic relationships, healing from toxic parents and tailor it to your needs each week.

Current meetings and held on Zoom and take place Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30 PM as well as Friday 11 AM Pacific. Participants are welcome to attend as many meetings as they like per month all for $60.00 for 4 weeks.

There are no refunds offered for group coaching.

Please reach out to  Lise at  with questions about or to secure your spot in the group sessions.