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Surviving Betrayal Trauma: Navigating Impact and Healing Journey

Betrayal trauma strikes at the very core of our being, leaving us grappling with profound feelings of loss, distrust, and confusion. Whether it stems from the betrayal of a partner, friend, family member, or authority figure, the impact is profound and far-reaching. It erodes our self-esteem, shatters our sense of security, and casts doubt on everything we once believed to be true. Yet, amidst the pain, there is hope for healing. It’s a journey that requires us to confront our emotions head-on, seek support from trusted sources, and cultivate self-compassion. With time and resilience, we can emerge from the darkness of betrayal trauma, reclaim our sense of worth, and step into a future filled with peace, healing, and empowerment.

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Coaching Sessions with Lise

Welcome, I look forward to communicating with you and am honored to be by your side as you do the next best thing for yourself, healing from toxic relationship and narcissistic abuse. Before booking your appointment, please take a moment to review our policies and procedures. By scheduling and completing payment for your appointment, you

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