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Welcome to group coaching for narcissistic abuse survivors.

Created, developed, and supported by certified life coach and trauma coach, Lise Colucci, a survivor of narcissistic abuse herself, this revolutionary approach to narcissistic abuse recovery will change your life in profound and healthy ways.

Not only is this group designed to help you feel less alone and to facilitate your recovery, but it focuses on helping survivors of narcissistic abuse and traumatic relationships take their healing and personal evolution to a whole new level.

Even better? Small group coaching is available to anyone who speaks English and can access the internet.

All sessions are held online and you can speak to your coach face-to-face if you like. We do our best to ensure that we have times around the clock on varied days so that we can serve everyone.

All stages of healing are welcome! It’s never too soon to evolve.

We cover topics such as helping to identify and heal codependent traits.

  • You will learn how to find ways to support and heal your inner child.
  • You will learn how to release and reframe limiting beliefs that hold you back so that you can create positive self-affirming new beliefs.

Please reach out to  Lise at  with questions about or to secure your spot in the group sessions, but note that she is not able to give personal advice via email.

1 review for Group Coaching

  1. Kerry

    Lise is an absolute gem. She helped me after years and years of therapy that couldn’t get to the issues. She is so insightful and extremely kind. If you want to listen there is no pressure to speak. I get a lot out of listening to others. Her 1:1 sessions have helped me tremendously as well. I’m so grateful to Lise.

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