Why narcissists treat you badly

The way it feels when a narcissist gaslights you and treats you badly.

Energy-Draining Relationships: Understanding Hurtful Dynamics

Struggling to understand why someone you care about keeps hurting you? You know, those folks who only care about themselves and couldn’t care less about how they affect others? Did they treat you poorly, even without reason? Do you find yourself constantly drained by someone you care about, someone who never seems to care when their actions hurt you? Let’s dive into understanding life with a narcissist. To begin, I will just say, narcissists will treat you badly!

Narcissists’ Manipulative Tactics: Exploiting Empathy for Control

The way narcissists experience empathy is important to understand. Life with a narcissist is always about them! These narcissists don’t experience empathy like you might, instead, they view it as a means to an end. They’ll use whatever cognitive empathy they have to “read you” like a book and then turn that information against you. Crazy, right? And get this, while they’re busy using your empathy against you, they’re not exactly willing to offer any in return.

Narcissists hide their true selves behind a perfect persona. But once they start putting you down, watch out! That’s when the gaslighting kicks in. They’ll deflect blame, twist things around, and make you question your own reality. Basically, it’s all a mind game to make you feel small. They don’t even really need a valid reason to begin their attacks on your character. Loved ones become pawns in a narcissist’s constant game for control. Coming to grips with one important thing, a narcissistic person lacks empathy, is often a sticking point in the deeper understanding of narcissism for some survivors of abuse. Many people simply can not imagine a person could truly be that way. I am sorry to say,a narcissist truly does lack deep enough empathy which would allow them to care about others. What’s more, they avoid all accountability for the things they do that hurt you.

Boundaries? What Boundaries?

Oh, and let’s not forget about narcissists having respect for others’ boundaries. Or should I say, lack of boundaries? Above all, narcissists not only stomp all over your boundaries, but they actually seem to enjoy doing it. To them, boundaries are like roadblocks to their control over you. So, they’ll push and push until they’ve got you right where they want you—under their thumb. It’s like they see boundaries as a challenge, a game to be won. The more you set boundaries, the more determined they become to break them down. It’s all part of their twisted mindset meant to keep you firmly within their grasp, to assert their dominance and control over every aspect of your life. So, buckle up, because with a narcissist, your boundaries are nothing more than hurdles in their race to domination.

Dealing with the Defenses

Ever tried to have a heart-to-heart with a narcissist? Yeah, good luck with that. Try to talk about anything that even slightly pokes at their ego and bam! It is like a wall of defensiveness. It’s like trying to talk to a brick wall sometimes. They’ll deflect, gaslight, and blame shift faster than you can say, “Hey, let’s have an honest conversation.” They’ll deflect, deny, and redirect blame with lightning speed, leaving you feeling unheard and invalidated. This is a frustrating cycle where attempts at honesty and vulnerability are met with resistance. All in the name of preserving their fragile illusion of superiority. The worst part is, it draws you in. Your frustrations and feeling unheard often makes it feel impossible to find any peace or closure in the conversation. What does that do to you? It can create chatoic destruction in your life.

Seeing Through the Facade

None of this is about you. This is life with a narcissist! It’s vital to understand that a narcissist’s behavior is an indication of their inner turmoil and refusal to grow as adult human beings. This is not a reflection of your worth. Peel back the layers of their facade, and you’ll uncover the truth, deep-seated insecurities and self-doubt projected onto others plus a large dose of egotistical grandiosity. Take care of yourself, set those boundaries, and don’t let their defensive manipulation bring you down. You’re worth more than that. For help with healing, try the group coaching!



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