Why Narcissists Block You: The Final Act of Control

Being blocked by a narcissist: Understanding the Emotional Impact

Ever find yourself on the receiving end of a block from a narcissist and wondered why? It’s like the last twist in the manipulation and mind games you likely felt throughout the entire relationship. The final act of control? A narcissist blocking you from their lives.

Let’s delve into the reasons behind this toxic behavior. Firstly, when a narcissist blocks you, it’s their way of asserting dominance and devaluing you. By hitting that “block button” they’re essentially saying, “You’re not even worth my time.” The block button becomes their weapon, a means of diminishing your importance and leaving you feeling like you’re not even a blip on their radar. Like you never even mattered to them in the first place.

Another reason is blocking serves as a form of punishment, akin to the silent treatment. Blocking is their way of making you feel like you’re in trouble, prompting you to chase after them for forgiveness and validation. It’s manipulative, it’s hurtful, and it’s all part of their game to keep you under their control.

So what, right? Why should it matter when it is best to have no contact with them anyway?

Getting blocked by a narcissist can leave you feeling doubly hurt and rejected. On top of the pain from the relationship ending, it can also trigger intense feelings of rejection and inadequacy.

Here’s why:

  • It’s not a casual act. When a narcissist blocks you, it’s a deliberate move designed to show you who’s in control.
  • It reinforces a negative message. By blocking you, the narcissist is essentially saying, “You’re not important enough for me to even talk to.” This can make you feel even more insignificant and unlovable.

This kind of behavior is classic manipulation from a narcissist. They thrive on controlling others and making them feel bad about themselves.

The narcissist’s power move reduces you to a mere afterthought, a disposable object they discard when convenient. It’s like a silent treatment 2.0, a tactic narcissists often use to control and manipulate their victims. stamps the “discard” with finality and eliminates any sense of closure you may be seeking.

Here’s how it works:

  • They make you feel like the bad guy. By blocking you, the narcissist avoids any responsibility for their actions and leaves you questioning if you did something wrong.
  • They keep you dangling. The block creates a situation where you might chase after them for answers or forgiveness. This feeds their need for control.
  • It hurts deep. This manipulation can leave you feeling worthless and rejected, even after the block happens.

But wait, there’s more!

The mind games don’t stop there!! Narcissists are masters at playing the victim, and blocking you is just another tactic in their arsenal. By cutting off contact, they position themselves as the innocent party, painting you as the aggressor who just can’t let go. What’s more, it’s a preemptive move to avoid any accountability for their actions, especially if they know they’ve overstepped the mark. This is what we call “setting the narrative” both for any onlooker and for the “new supply” they will bring into their life. What if you happen to block them first? Brace yourself for a whirlwind of gaslighting and confusion. They’ll twist the narrative to make it seem like you’re the one who’s unstable, leaving you questioning your own sanity and wondering where it all went wrong.

And now for the good part!!

There’s a strange twist to being blocked by a narcissist. It can feel like the ultimate insult, another layer of rejection on top of the emotional turmoil you’ve likely been experiencing. But here’s the thing: getting blocked can actually be a blessing in disguise.

Think of it as a forced exit from a toxic situation. By hitting that block button, the narcissist is unwittingly handing you your freedom. It’s a chance to break free from their manipulative games and reclaim your power. So let them have their little power move. Say goodbye, and walk away with your head held high. Don’t waste any energy looking back, because you deserve much better than someone who thrives on twisted mind games.

This is the start of your healing journey. A narcissist’s block can propel you towards recognizing your own worth and setting healthy boundaries. It can help sever the trauma bonds that kept you entangled in their manipulation, allowing you to truly begin the path towards emotional well-being.

And you’re not alone in this. If you need support navigating the road ahead, know that there are resources available. Reach out for personal help, or check out the video linked below. Together, we can break free from the cycle of abuse and build a future filled with authenticity and self-love.



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